Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Media Confirmation Bias Does Not Affect Expert’s Work

posted by Dean Tong on Sep 16

Please recognize that when I was wrongly arrested/prosecuted for alleged domestic violence/tampering and on the fringe of divorce back in January of this year which culminated in the State of Florida dropping all charges against me (Nolle Prosequi - See my Home Page at some 5+ months later (July), the local Tampa Bay and national media arrived at a pre-conceived notion I was guilty of the same.

These negative media biased stories against me and negative blog stories about me are still very present on the internet via a google search. Please realize that arrest does NOT equal guilt and that my life has come full circle now that I’ve been falsely accused and wrongly arrested for child sexual assault and domestic violence/tampering.

Perhaps, God chose me to be victimized by the very major genres of law I consult and speak to - child sexual abuse and domestic violence. Please, when considering the hiring of a Forensic Trial Consultant, look at his/her educational background, years of experience including firsthand experience, publications, peer review - references that can easily verify the trial consultant’s track record, and success rate.

Dean Tong

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